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The history is made up not only from calendar sheets but it is created by people’s efforts and by the deeds for future generation’s prosperity.

Special prize laureate of the President of the Republic of Belarus
Federation Trade Union prize laureate of the Republic of Belarus
Honoured amateur group of the Republic of Belarus
Dance ensemble «Zubryonok”

Nowadays it is one of the leading groups not only in Minsk but in Belarus as well which continues and develops the best traditions of the folk dance art. The ensemble leads a fruitful creative life for over 32 years. The young dancing ardour of the participants of “Zubryonok” fascinates the audience, gives it real delight with life-giving purity of folk and modern dance.
The origin of the honoured amateur group “Zubryonok” is in 1983.
The name of the ensemble itself shows the devotion to the history of the Belarusian land, its symbols and beauty. It reminds us of the mighty bison in forest reserves of Belovezhskaya Pushcha.
The Culture Palace of Minsk Automobile Plant became the rehearsal and creative base for the ensemble.
A big group of different aged children united by love for dancing study at the ensemble. Five- or six-year-old children come here and stay till they come of age. There are about 300 boys and girls who are in love with the dancing united by the atmosphere of friendship, warmth and mutual understanding between teachers, parents and children.
For many children the life in the ensemble is not only the way to get a proud bearing, a light gait, a perfect figure, to get psychological relief but it is also their way of life, the possibility to show their abilities, develop their talent, find friends and themselves. It’s necessary to mention that the soloists of the ensemble are not only talented from birth children these are mostly hardworking children who make not only physical efforts but also put their souls.
«Zubryonok» is the school of relationship because children spend a lot of time together (rehearsals, concerts, holiday-making).
The ensemble becomes the second family for pupils where you can share your professional achievements, good mood and trust your problems. There are traditions which were introduced at the beginning of the ensemble and are still alive.
The organizer and the manager of the choreographic ensemble «Zubryonok» is Efim Gutman.
Wonderful masters of the Belarusian choreography worked here for many years: Orest Zvir, Iryna Zvir, the national artist of the Republic of Belarus Nikolay Salko.
Lelya Kralina had worked in the ensemble for many years. Many good works were connected with these names.
Now it is 2016!
MarinaTitova, Olga Velichko, Igor Suprin, Vasily Kozhapenko and Elena Kuznik at the moment give our children their master’s luggage, a great potential in the world of choreographic world.
Iryna Lapteva is a costumier of the ensemble.
Wonderful accompanists work in the ensemble for many years: Vladimir Yermolaev, Andrey Shinyavsky, Vlad Klichko, Sergey Yashchyuk, Anna Sivko.
The managers of the dance group always find new ways of the ensemble development, creative rise and perfection. While staging dances they give a possibility for participants to open and develop their creativeness. This fact in its turn gives «Zubryonok» a chance to keep pace with time, to win best places at contents and festivals.
We are always proud of our masters who worked with our children in different years: the national artist of Belarus, the artistic director of the State ensemble of the Republic of Belarus Valentin Dudkevich, the honoured art worker of the Republic of Belarus Vasily Voronovich, the honoured artist of the Republic of Belarus Victor Tyurin, the honoured art worker of the Republic of Belarus Victor Yaminsky, the honoured artist of the Republic of Belarus Nikolay Salko and many others. These people made the repertoire richer by their productions and they let us see how good the ensemble is prepared. For what we work from the first day of our life and up to our days.
One can observe a particular «handwriting” in the dance repertoire of «Zubryonok»: gentleness and softness of movements, emotional expressiveness, unusual repertoire, perfectly chosen musical accompaniment, but regardless a large number of creative works dances are not alike and have their own originality and sophistication. Moreover the programme of the ensemble is constantly renewed. There are more than 130 dance items in the repertoire which were introduced and highly appreciated at Republican and International contents and festivals.
The pride of the ensemble is its graduates who became experts in different fields of national economy and culture of Belarus; these are mothers and fathers who used to dance in «Zubryonok». Now they take their children to the ensemble preserving the continuity of traditions and generations. For many little participants passion for folk dance became their profession.
If we look into the history of «Zubryonok» we’ll see it keeps a lot of names, awards, programmes, bills, tours…
The creative work of the ensemble «Zubryonok» is well-known far beyond the bounds of the Republic of Belarus. The geography of performance tours is rather wide. The young artists were applauded to by the audience of Russia, the Ukraine, Baltic countries, Moldavia, Georgia, Belgium, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Macedonia, Switzerland, Serbia.
Every performance gives the audience unforgettable impressions bringing them into the world of dance art sometimes extremely sad, sometimes violently joyful, but always conquering by its sincerity.
The history of the ensemble «Zubryonok» is the history of the country we live in, it’s the reflection of the history of Belarus.
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